Monday, February 4, 2013

Know the champs

In the dither of computational world, some stand out. Those are the leaders, the heavyweights, the champs.
These are the leading PC vendors, hardware and software manufacturers of today.

The american multinational information technology corporation Hewlett Packard (HP) is the first of them. HP works with everything related to computer technologies. It even provides businesses solutions to medium and large companies around the world. It is the world's leading PC manufacturer, from hardware and software to devices and consumer solutions. It was co-founded by William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard in Palo Alto, California. Today the company has offices all around the world, inlcuding Singapore, Medellín (Colombia) and Bracknell (UK). HP is the leading PC vendor and printing systems developer in the world.

Lenovo, the Chinese-based manufacturer, is also one of the champs. Of course, every aspect of computer technologies falls within its hands. It is the world's second-largest PC vendor. It employs more than 26.000 people to embrace the whole world. With headquarters all over the world: Beijing, Shanghai, Morrisville, etc. The company has only one goal for the future: to be the first. Having conquered the Chinese and Japanese markets, it now focuses in the rest of the world. Only time will tell if Lenovo hits the jackpot.

IBM. The american multinational International Business Machine (IBM). Going beyond hardware and software, IBM also provides consulting services and hosting. Just to tell you that this company has over 100 years. That's quite a long ride till today, and IBM continues to evolve and getting better each year. The company gets at the heart of american life like no other. It has been around us long before ourselves. That says a lot. It has walked along, and even created, some of our best known things in life; some of the things that the man on the street uses everyday.
Now, you can ask yourself: how much beam do you own?

Acer. The Taiwan-based multinational corporation. PC, servers, LCD monitors, storage, projectors, smartphones, tablets, etc. There's nothing that this company leaves without touching. It has a philosophy that concentrates on people (customers), enabling them to feel free among their two-way interaction. Acer lets their customers "explore beyond limits".

There are, it's ob, other heavyweight companies in the computational world. Some of these include: Dell, Fujitsu, Apple, Toshiba.

Friday, February 1, 2013

iRead, YouRead, WeRead: e-Readers

    Welcome to the 21st century. Long ago, people used to read paper books. But that was back in the 20th century. You probably hadn't heard about it. Today, we read books in digital format; the e-readers. E-readers are a blockbuster, since they have surpassed paper books in the market. What can I say, as everything changes, so does styles.

   We shouldn't cry over it. Remember when we had a zillion tons of paper archives and it took us for ever to find what we were looking for? Well, times changed and we now have hard drives, floppy discs, compact discs, DVD's, blu-ray discs, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. Everything to make our lives better and simpler.

    E-readres are kitsch. They sell and sell. They make are lives better, I think. Or at least groovy. Kobo knows it, Barnes & Noble knows it, Amazon knows it, Sony knows it. I will lay it on the line: everybody knows it! So don't worry, I won't spill any beans around this.

    If you're looking for a lap of luxury experience, you have a bunch of choices. Kobo is one of them. It presents a wide range of e-readers for you: kobo mini, kobo glo, kobo touch, kobo arc. Any of them is a great option on its own. Huge storage capacity, customizable, easy to read experience, light, fast, and you have access to more than 3 million eBooks.

What would you say about changing your way of perceiving the world completely? Sort of a blood taste experience. Because the new technologies not only revolutionize electronics, but your whole being also:

" After years of practice, I can walk into a bookstore 
and understand its layout in a few seconds. 
I can glance at the spine of a book and make a good guess 
at its content from a number of signs"

Umberto Eco

Now you see it: new types of books + new bookstores = new experiences of reading, of being. Perhaps along the e-readers, we go off the deep end to become new beigns.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Techies top choices for Android

    Continuing with the Android theme, here you have the top app choices. These applications have all been developed to be used with Google's Android. Being a do-gooder, I'll give you the 5 best selling.

    The first one is SwiftKey 3 Keyboard. It's simply a touchscreen keyboard for Android, and it's the best. With over 2 million units sold around the world, it  is the first choice of apps lovers. Typing gets on a whole new level with this keyborad. It combines word memory and spelling corrections to make the typing more practical and easy. No wonder it's the best selling app for Android. Don't you have it already?

Second place, we have Titanium Backup Pro. Batch verification, batch support, it backs up apps without closing them, converts app data to/from faster WAL DB format, backup against deletion, etc. Do I have to draw you a picture? It's the second best selling app for Android. You may wanna lay something out and have this one.

Third, there is Ruzzle. Word game application. Make yourself proud by beating your folks in the best and faster word-finding game in the world. Over 25 million people play with  it, why wouldn't you?

Following Ruzzle, we have Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. Best selling music player app for Android. You even have a trial version so you can experience what you'll get. The power of music in your palm. Don't fake the funk, join 1 million people, own the boom experience.

Last (well, remember there's 700.000+ apps you can choose), we have Minecraft Pocket Edition. Building joyfulness. Why would you want to live in the real world if you can place one brick upon another and be free? No, really, why? For the first time, you can be the big cheese of your existence. Plus, more and more features are being added so you will certinly enjoy your new world.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Among aliens

    Well, not really. I'm only talking about the most popular mobile platform: Android. At first a whole alien by law, later swallowed by Google, who purchased the license from Android Inc. Just as any laptop, this kind of mobile platform lets you play with apps.

    And boy, you can choose; because right now there are more than 700.000 apps you can use with Android, plus songs, plus movies...

    It's small, but it's powerful. It's even your best friend, since you can ask it anything yo want and you'll have it in seconds. Searching in the web jungle has never been so easy and entertaining, and it makes you feel that you're actually touching the web.

    Created as open source, you can make your Android unique. Photos, friends, even weather (why not?), everything close to you simply by touching.

    Like your mother, it recognises your voice and your face. I'm not kidding, I'm just giving you the cold facts. But here's the sad part of Android: it's way more smarter than your mother. And surely faster. I'm sorry.

    If you are tired of the 700.000 apps, you can go to Google Play or Amazon Appstore, and find many more.

    Now you can say you have a new best friend, like Elliot in E.T., and that you touch earch others fingers and laugh, and play, and use Google and stay connected all day long...

Top Laptops 2012

    As everything in the technology world, the laptop world also participated in a battle to see who has the best of the best. Dell, Samsung, Apple and Asus where some of the privileged of 2012. As you can see, the current style of life of the metropolis requires that inviduals, specially professionals, use this kind of mobile computers. Being light and fast, the best way to stay connected is by owning a laptop.

    Samsung ChromeBook. Dual Core Processor for unlimited speed. Any app you want in just seconds. The Samsung ChromeBook delivers accuracy and speed like no other.

Dell Inspiron i15R. Intel graphics 3000, 15.6-inch 1366 x 768 pixel display.

Asus VivoBook S400CA-DH51T 14-Inch Touch Ultrabook. Design for companion and freedom. Supports
Windows 8 with a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A 13.3-Inch.
Intuitive, powerful and easy to use. Intel Core
i5 and i7 processors.